About us



We are Mopar Bentley, a fresh fusion of rock/hiphop/metal from Tucson, AZ, formed in 2013 and have played about 30x in Tucson and phoenix since. Our band is a drummer with 25+ yrs experience, and fronted by Dienamik, a hiphop emcee with 7 albums released and over 5 million plays. We released our 1st single 'GIRL' in 2015 with a music video and the song has been received well and has been played on several radio stations in the US as well as in Brazil. Our new single 'LIKE IT' ROCK was just released in January with a new music video! We played our 1st acoustic show on WRMX radio in September 2016. We released our 1st album Unplanned Parenthood in May 2017 which was followed by a summer tour. We are in the process of filming more music videos and starting work on an EP and preparing for a tour in 2019. We have released a series of live videos from shows at several venues in tucson, arizona as well as another music video for the song ‘BROKE’